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 Four Simple Steps...

Fill out the intake form should only take about 5 minutes


Book a FREE 15 min Discovery Call submit the intake form, you'll be prompted to book


I come to your home to train your dog..., 2 or 3 times/week for 60 minutes


I meet with you once a week to transfer skills...

...and show you how to incorporate them into your dog's care.

Training Packages:

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The "Vets & Groomers & Husbandry...oh boy!" Package

This is package is for new puppy parents looking to set their baby up for a lifetime of success at the groomer and at the vet.


As a new puppy owner, you’ve heard a lot about the importance of socialization. Socialization to people, other dogs, the world around them, and to the various experiences they will have throughout their life…enduring grooming and vet visits will be a part of that!


What if we could change “enduring” to “enjoying”?! Let’s help your pup start off on the right paw and do what you can now to ensure they grow up into a confident and happy adult dog.


This package offers the opportunity to get ahead of your pup’s fears and turn husbandry care into fun tricks and positive training opportunities. They’ll never have to think getting groomed or receiving medical care is anything but routine.

3 weeks

Total Investment: $1,800

The "If It ain't Broke...Let's Prevent it" Package

This package is for dogs who tolerate getting groomed or going to the vet but are starting to show increase signs of fear and anxiety. 

This package is also good for dog parents who enjoy training with their dog and are interested in working on some training “tricks” that serve a larger purpose. Their dog knows the classics like “sit” and “shake” but are looking to expand his/her repertoire.

This package may be perfect for you if your dog...

  • has allergies and you anticipate a lifetime of allergy shots and eye drops and don’t want it to be an ongoing struggle. 

  • is young and already has some tartar on her teeth. You anticipate a lifetime of necessary teeth brushing and you don’t want it to be an ongoing struggle. 

  • is a large breed and you want to help them get used to back leg handling for arthritis prevention exercises and don’t want it to be an ongoing struggle.

  • has floppy ears and just got their first ear infection. The vet thinks it could be a common recurrence and you don’t want administering ear drops to be an ongoing struggle. 

Total Investment: $1,800

3 weeks


The "Houston We Have a Problem" Package

This package is for dogs who are already struggling with various medical or grooming procedures.

This package is for you if your dog's level of fear and anxiety at the vet or groomer has become a barrier to their care. Since going to the vet or groomer has become an incredibly stressful affair for you and your dog, you understandably aren't taking them as often as maybe they need. 

This package may be perfect for you if your dog...

  • needs to wear a muzzle in order to be touched by anyone in the vet/groomer setting

  • starts to show increased signs of fear anxiety the moment you enter the facility

  • simple tasks like tooth brushing, putting on a harness, clipping nails, administering medications etc. feel far from simple

6 weeks

Total Investment: $2,700

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