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For Veterinary Professionals:

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Why entrust your

clients to me?

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) recommends that veterinarians use or refer clients ONLY to trainers who understand the principles of and effectively use positive reinforcement training. You can read AVSAB's position statement here. My credentials are in line with AVSAB's standards. You will find my credentials on the About page.

Improving Vet Visits

Through Trainer


  • There is a signifiant connection between behavioral health and overall physical health. This creates a real opportunity for trainers and veterinarians to collaborate, ensuring comprehensive wellness! By working together, we can complement each other's expertise and provide more holistic care for our clients.

  • As a trainer who utilizes clicker training, I have seen firsthand its remarkable effectiveness in animal care. Trainers who work with zoo animals and marine mammals using clicker training techniques find that their animals willingly participate in procedures such as blood draws, injections, and x-rays. This method not only preserves the essential bond between caregivers and animals but also allows for crucial care to be delivered in a low-stress, safe, and enjoyable manner. Clicker training has a significant and promising role in facilitating husbandry behaviors within the veterinary field.

  • Clicker training can be applied to simple tasks like teaching a new puppy to get on the scale or more complex behaviors such as training a dog to stand in a particular position for a blood draw.

  • What works on bears, dolphins or seals will certainly work on a domesticated dog!

  • Procedures that currently require three technicians holding down a fearful dog can be replaced with trained behaviors that allows the dog to be at ease and therefore cooperative throughout. 

  • As a trainer, my goal is to take the time to train cooperative vet related behaviors to my client's dogs that will ultimately result in less stress on the animal and allow you to use fewer staff resources, have faster procedures, and overall help create a better experience for everyone involved.

I would be thrilled to visit your practice to demonstrate my training methods, answer any questions, and provide additional resources for your clients. Feel free to select a date from the calendar, or if you have any further inquiries, you can email me at I'll bring refreshments tailored to the time of day for your staff.

Want to learn more?

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