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Certified, science based, humane dog training

Specializing in cooperative care for vet,

handling, and grooming related procedures

in Marin and Sonoma County, CA

Turn vet & grooming visits into a tail-wagging experience!

What is Cooperative Care?

Cooperative care focuses on making routine health and grooming procedures enjoyable and stress-free for both pets and their owners.


Instead of restraining or forcing them, this positive training approach uses gentle, reward-based methods to help your pet feel safe and comfortable each step of the way.


With cooperative care, your pet learns to see activities like nail trims, brushing, or vet visits as fun and rewarding. 


The goal is to empower your pet, making them an active participant in their own care, leading to happier, healthier, and more relaxed pets and owners!

Got a new pup or dog and looking to set her up for a lifetime of success?

Got an adult floof who is afraid of getting groomed?

Does drama-free nail trimming sound really good right about now?

What about your best boy who needs

daily meds but administering it is

stressful for everyone? 

Dreaming of


vet visits?

Does watching your furbaby tremble at the vet hurt your heart?

Have simple tasks like putting on a harness become anything but simple?

It can be very stressful for you and your pet when you have to force them into vet/grooming related procedures that clearly make them uncomfortable.  


Imagine a scenario where your sweet dog eagerly participates in their care at the vet/groomer, feeling secure and at ease throughout the process.

Together we can can work towards that by turning stressful moments into opportunities for trust building and cooperation, ensuring your companion receives the care they need with the patient and gentle approach they deserve.


“We love working with Rebecca and highly recommend her! I appreciate her approach to training using positive reinforcements and sharing up to-date scientific research. She is genuine and so passionate about working with dogs and pet parents so they can better understand their furry companions. She sends a thorough message after each session with easy to follow homework assignments, and checks in to see how training is going at home. My pup Cooper (and cat Chester!) loves her! Thank you for helping me become a confident first time dog mom!”


-Cooper's mom

Training Packages:

Coop Care Photo.jpeg
Screen Shot 2024-04-10 at 10.43.56 AM.png

Vets & Groomers & Husbandry... Oh boy!

If It Ain't Broke... Let's Prevent It!

Houston We Have A Problem!

  • This is for puppy parents looking to set their new puppy up for a lifetime of success at the groomer and at the vet.

  • You’ve likely heard about the importance of socialization! Don't forget that socialization includes experiences they will have throughout their life…enduring grooming and vet visits will be a part of that! 

  • What if "enduring" could change to "enjoying"?

  • This package is for dogs who tolerate getting groomed or going to the vet but who are beginning to display avoidance and/or trepidation.

  • This package is great for dog owners who want to prevent escalation of fear and discomfort.

  • This is perfect for dogs who need some level of ongoing medical treatment due to an existing condition (i.e. allergy shots), ongoing grooming services, and/or are already shy/fearful in nature.

  • This package is for dogs who are already struggling with various medical and/or grooming procedures.

  • This is the package for you if your vet or groomer asked you to see a trainer before returning to their facility. 

  • This package is what you are looking for if going to the vet or groomer has already become a stressful event for you and your dog. 


Business Service Area:

Marin & Sonoma County, CA

“Rebecca is a godsend! She is an incredibly talented and deeply knowledgeable dog trainer and behavior expert who completely turned things around for my shy and fearful adopted rescue pup and I. Not only are her methods force-free and positive reinforcement based, they are highly effective, and she is also very skilled at supporting dog parents during the really tough moments of working with our pups. I highly, highly recommend Rebecca and am so incredibly grateful that we found her!”


-Ariel's mom 

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